R. L. Lesnick

(Rogue, Rapscallion, Debaucher, Rake, Carouser,
Epicurean, Sensualist, Reprobate, Sibaret
Roue, Profligate, Libertine, Gadabout, Bon Vivant,
Voluptuary, Boulevardier, Man about Town,
 and Soldier of Fortune)


Culinary Classics

(A Kitchen Chrestomathy)

Appetizers            Pasta

Side Dishes        Shellfish


Do You Need a Recipe  or a Complete Menu?

The below categories are under construction.
Please check back 

Fish          Veal and Lamb

Beef and Pork          Salads

         Desserts              Sauces

            Pot Pourri            Marinades

Tips     Breads


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